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“Akuntan Indonesia” consulting services are the right choice in designing a financial reporting framework that is in accordance with PSAK (Statement of Financial Accounting Standards). By using our services your bookeeping problem are neater, more precise and accurate.

Accounting is a process of recording, classifying, summarizing, processing, and presenting data and events related to finance, so that it can be used by people who use it easily understood for decision making and other purposes.

Accounting reports are reports or records of transactions and events related to finance, so that they can be used by people who use them easily to be understood for decision making and other purposes.

Accounting reporting services are services provided by tax consultants to taxpayers to make reports or records of transactions and events related to finance, so that they can be used by people who use them easily to understand a decision and other purposes.


Tax Accounting

Accounting consulting services that aim to deal with taxation. In this case to minimize the tax that must be paid by the company without violating applicable regulations.


International Accounting

Accounting consulting services related to international issues such as international trade which are common in multinational or international companies.

Transfer Pricing Documentation

Transfer pricing documentation preparation services including TP Doc preparation strategy. This is intended to assist clients in dealing with transfer pricing. We provide input on the documents and strategies needed to prevent losses from related party transactions and transfer pricing scenarios.

Other Services

Tax Consultation

Our other service is tax consulting services, every business decision must have tax implications and what makes this more difficult is the tax rules that are always changing. We combine insight and innovation. From various disciplines with business and industry knowledge to help your company excel globally.


Tax Planning Services

Tax Planning is a series of plans to improve the efficiency of tax management by identifying the best alternatives for saving tax lawfully in accordance with your company’s business plans and policies. This service also includes setting up alternative transaction schemes and accounting methods. The aim is to minimize the tax burden and maximize the growth of your company.


Tax Review Services

Tax Review is a service to review your company’s tax compliance, identify potential corporate tax exposures and provide recommendations for ways to minimize tax exposure. Our review service will cover all of your company’s activities that have an impact on your company’s tax obligations. This includes evaluating the feasibility of the data and information presented on the tax return and the possible problems and exposures that your company may have.


Tax Objection Decision Services

Is a service to assist your company in settling tax disputes such as objections to tax assessment notices, appeals against tax objection decisions, and applications for tax review to the Supreme Court.

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AKUNTAN INDONESIA is part of the KJA ASHADI & PARTNERS is part of the consulting company BMG Consulting Group and was established in 2015 and has been licensed by the Ministry of Finance KMK No. 84 / KM.1 / PPPK / 2015, 17 November 2015.