ERP System

Indonesian ERP Software Solution

Want to use Indonesian ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software with equivalent capabilities but at a more affordable price? We are the solution and answer. Our ERP product is a service in the form of a financial application system that is integrated through the network wherever the company and its branches are located (online between branches).

Our Features

Purchase & Sales of Goods

Manage Accounts Payable

Manage Stock

General Ledger

Manage Cash & Banks

Online Technology

  1. Centralized data access so there is no need for synchronization or consolidation.
  2. Can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.
  3. Easy to access without installing on each computer.
  4. The client runs on a Windows operating system (OS / Operating System).
  5. The system update is fast because it only updates on the server without the need to update it on each computer so it’s easy to maintain the software.

Complete Modules

Consists of Finance & Accounting, Inventory & Warehouse, Purchase Management, Sales & Distribution Management, Fixed Asset, Production. More than 200 ready reports are available.

What is included in the ERP software?

As discussed earlier, this ERP software is an integrated program that can manage several sectors in business with one data center to facilitate its use. This can be interpreted that this software is a package. This package consists of several parts or what we can call modules. Not infrequently many companies, whether it is with large or small businesses only buy certain parts or modules. Many factors influence this, but one common factor is that they buy modules that suit their needs.

The following are the parts or modules commonly found in ERP software:

  • Product planning
  • Material purchase
  • Inventory control
  • Distribution
  • Sales
  • Promotion
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources Management