Payroll Outsourcing

Akuntan Indonesia provide outsourced payroll services in Jakarta, Tangerang, Bandung, Purwokerto, and other areas with various company sizes, and any payroll issues.

Akuntan Indonesia are experts with employee income taxation, capable of handling a variety of company payroll variations. We always maintain data security that is personal and confidential, and can adjust to the organizational structure and company payroll needs. In other words, we manage the payroll reporting process from upstream to downstream, including the printing and distribution of pay slips.

Payroll Outsourcing Work Scope

Tax consultant

Providing professional tax consultants who help you fulfill tax obligations in accordance with applicable law in Indonesia.

Payroll for employees

Includes routine payroll every month or every specified period, making monthly and annual payroll reports, irregular calculations such as THR, bonuses etc., uploading salary transfers to a bank account to be authorized by clients, and making payroll slips for all employees either sent via email or printed (hardcopy) ).

Employee Tax Management or PPh 21

Perform monthly employee tax calculations and reporting, including making forms 1721-A1. Updating data (updating) and carrying out other administrative processes in accordance with applicable laws and regulations regarding Pph21.

Planning and Assessment

Assist you in planning and assessing outsourcing outsourcing needs in your company.

Data Payroll Automation

Setup, configure and migrate payroll data to the LinovHR system which will be used to store and process payroll data. This software can be accessed by clients so they can check payroll online.

BPJS Managing Management

Perform monthly calculations and reporting of BPJS Employment and BPJS Health, including reconciliation from BPJS Employment and BPJS Health. As well as other optional services, such as providing payment codes from BPJS to companies, carrying out administration of BPJS Employment and other Health BPJS, sending online reporting to BPJS Employment and BPJS Health and registering employees at BPJS.

Features of Software Used for Your Payroll Outsourcing Services

You Can Get More Benefits With Our Online Payroll Outsourcing Features

Payroll Transaction

In this feature, you can manage salary and other benefits data for each employee with details simultaneously and automatically. You can also see all the salary lists of employees in your company easily with our software.

Payroll Report

We can find out the payroll calculation in a certain period in detail and clearly. With this feature, you can also view bank transfer reports, payroll slip reports and loan payment details through our payroll software.

Tax Report

Taxation is something that cannot be separated from payroll. By using our payroll service, your work is about filling out the SPT Masa, Form 1721-A1, you can also easily view your company’s Tax Payment Listing and ESPT reports.

Benefit & Loan Request

This feature can be utilized if your company has a policy of requesting reimbursement claims and loans to employees. Both types of requests have been integrated with employee payroll so you don’t need to calculate them manually.

Salary Slip

If you have a lot of employees and find it difficult to make a salary slip. You can easily manage and view the salary slips of all employees through our online payroll outsourcing software.

Jamsostek Report

You can see the Social Security Report or BPJS Employment such as a detailed form of labor contributions, forms for the list of outgoing workers, changes in labor costs and others within a certain period.